Saturday, December 28, 2013

My assistant, Bella

My mother-in-law is coming to Auckland for a visit, so this morning I put fresh sheets on the guest bed. I turned around to grab the duvet, which slid off a chair and onto the floor, and there was Bella, in her little tent (photo above).

I worked out that she was trying to help me. The old sheets were on a different part of the floor and Bella moved over to them to keep them from flying away. Very thoughtful of her.

Later, I went to change the sheets on our bed, too, and Bella again kept the old sheets from flying away. I’m sure if I’d had any empty boxes she’d have been happy to sit in them to keep them from moving.

Bella has changed a lot since she first chose to live with us. Back then, she was prone to sudden and unprovoked attacks with teeth and claws. Not now. Instead, she’s become very affectionate and wants to spend her time with us wherever we are. She seems to adore us as much as we do her.

And, clearly, she’s also very helpful, too.

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