Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013 Christmas Broadcasts

This year, I'm posting two Christmas Broadcasts. First (above) is the annual Christmas Broadcast from Her Majesty, the Queen of New Zealand (and other countries), which I've also posted in previous years. She speaks about “striking a balance between action and reflection.”

I know plenty of Kiwis who couldn’t care less about these annual messages, but they fascinate me. Maybe it’s because I’m foreign-born or something.

I wonder, though, how many Americans know that US Presidents do an annual message, too, as part of their weekly radio broadcasts that US Presidents have been doing for decades and decades. Nowadays, they’re also released as videos, so I thought I'd include this year's message in this post.

Below is this week’s Presidential Weekly Address, also released today (December 25 in the USA), and featuring both President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in a more casual message than is often the case for these messages.

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