Friday, December 13, 2013

Auckland views: From Birkenhead Wharf

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny and hot summer day in Auckland, and I had to runs some errands. So, I decided to swing down to the harbour to take a couple photos. These are two of them.

The photo above is the Auckland CBD (and Auckland Harbour Bridge) as seen from Birkenehad Wharf. Well, technically, it’s next to the park which is next to the wharf, but still. I visit the spot several times a year, because the view of the city is pretty good.

The photo below is of Chelsea Sugar Works, a place I posted about several years ago. This was also taken near the wharf. A guy who I used to work with went wind surfing there and said there were often sharks because of the sugar in the water. Well, that’s what he told me, anyway.

I’m planning on sharing more photos more often to better show some of my Auckland and my New Zealand. I haven’t done enough of that so far, I don’t think, and yesterday was too nice a day not to share.

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