Monday, May 13, 2013

Well played

Labour Party Leader David Shearer posted the above graphic to Facebook, adding:
John Key has essentially written a blank cheque for SkyCity. They get more pokie machines, more gaming tables, ticket in – ticket out systems, cashless gambling and the ability to increase playing limits. SkyCity has hit the jackpot.
He’s absolutely right—but I’m actually not bothered by SkyCity. They’re a corporation doing what all corporations do under the rules of capitalism: They’re trying to maximise return (profits) for shareholders.

However, I have a HUGE problem with the National Party-led government “selling” our laws to advance the interests of corporations. This smacks of dirty backroom deals among rich mates.

In any case, this deal will have consequences that will hurt New Zealand (in my previous post, I pointed out one of the least talked about). The harm to democracy and national sovereignty is a big problem, too.

On this issue, as with so many others these days, the arrogance with which National is treating New Zealand is truly appalling.

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