Friday, May 31, 2013

Good riddance

I’m delighted that the batshit crazy Republican US Representative Michele Bachmann has announced she’s not seeking re-election in 2014, choosing to jump before she’s pushed. This video has some of her golden moments.

Bachmann is quitting because she would’ve lost a re-election bid, not just for being batshit crazy, but also because she’s facing several different investigations for alleged criminal ethics violations. By jumping out of the race, however, she avoids the humiliation of defeat while also improving the chances for Republicans to not just hold her seat, but also the US House generally. In fact, without her far right extremism to point to, she’s helping Republican candidates in general seem less scary.

Sadly, however, there’s no shortage of equally batshit crazy Republicans in the US Congress to take over the leadership mantel from her. A few of them are even intelligent enough to put words together more or less sensibly for them to be interviewed on television, so we may be laughing and entertained as much by them as we were by her. But the threat to freedom and democracy posed by the extreme end of the Republican Party will remain after Bachmann quits.

Upon reflection, I shouldn’t use the term “batshit” as an adjective to describe Republicans like Bachmann. It’s offensive to associate bats and their excrement with Republican politicians. I apologise to bats everywhere.

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rogerogreen said...

guano is such a great word. just noting.