Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Richard Blanco reads the Inaugural Poem

Richard Blanco today became the first Hispanic and first openly gay man to read the inaugural poem. I’m often indifferent to these poems, truth be known, but I like the significance of this. And, as such things go, I thought it was good.


Roger Owen Green said...

From the Daily Kos:

Inaugural poet Richard Blanco of Bethel, Maine
attribution: NPR
The U.S. says "Thanko"
to Mainer Richard Blanco.
CHEERS to the planning-board poet. Yes, inaugural poet Richard Blanco, who wowed the crowd Monday, is indeed on the planning board in the tiny western Maine town of Bethel. He's also an openly-gay engineer, has published three books of his poems, and is now riding a wave of fame. Monday he spoke with both Soledad O'Brien and Anderson Cooper on what it was like to scrounge up enough words that rhyme with "Nantucket" to create and deliver on the Capitol steps his nine-stanza masterpiece entitled, Hey, Before You Put Up That Shed You'll Need A Permit, America. You can watch the interviews here.

Arthur Schenck said...

Roger, you now have the distinction of being the first person to have a real comment caught in the comment moderation queue. Congratulations!