Monday, January 28, 2013

David Shearer - New Era: New Solutions

David Shearer, Leader of the Opposition, delivered one of his best speeches yet yesterday, laying out plainly what Labour will do in government, what he promises will be “a smart hands-on government that backs hard-working Kiwis doing their bit.” That’s a winner.

I have always voted Labour, going back to the first election I was eligible to vote in, 1999. I see no reason to change. The contrast between Labour and the Tories is clearer than most pundits admit, and I’m sure I’ll be talking about that more and more over the next year and some months.

Labour still needs help embracing social media, and even with understanding things like having good lighting for videos. Still, I think they can overcome those shortcomings to reach the voters wherever they may be, in part because they have to. And, of course, National is no better and social media.

David Shearer is getting better all the time. The main thing is that he and the Labour caucus have to keep hitting the many failures of the Act/National Government. This speech is a good start.

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