Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fourth Anniversary

Four years ago today, Nigel and I were joined in civil union under New Zealand law. I still remember how bloody hot that day was.

As I’ve said in previous years, this is the second of the anniversaries we celebrate, the bigger one being November 2, the anniversary of when our life together began. That was 17 years ago this past November.

Still, even though this is in some ways the “lesser” of our anniversaries, it’s still important as that day we took a major legal step. It seems "lesser" just because here have been fewer of them.

Tonight we went out to dinner to celebrate, as we did last year, which was nice. Next year our fifth anniversary will be on a Friday, and our 18th anniversary together will be on a Saturday this November. Both facts suggest that parties might be appropriate.

Clearly, whichever anniversary we’re talking about, I think it’s something to celebrate. That's a very good thing for which I'm always grateful.

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Roger Owen Green said...

Good that he made an honest man out of you! ;-)

amerinz's sis said...

Congratulations Art and Nigel!! I'm glad you had a nice dinner celebrating your special day!

By the way,the cake looks lovely!

Arthur Schenck said...

Roger: Fortunately, we both started from a point of relative honesty…

Sis: We, did, thanks! And, you reminded me that I probably should have said in the post that the cake was from our party after the civil union ceremony. Oh well, can't remember everything I suppose!