Saturday, October 06, 2012

Save Big Bird

In my previous post, I mentioned the Internet Meme that Mitt Romney wants to fire Big Bird. This isn’t a literal thing, of course, but a way to mock Romney being so bad at math, as well as out of touch.

The video above is from the Democratic Party, and it highlights some of the reaction and coverage this has received. Mitt’s main problem, of course, is that his numbers simply don’t add up—it’s not just about fundamental disagreements about policy, it’s also about arithmetic, and Mitt fails badly.

But it also underscores Mitt’s elitism. As one commentator in the video points out, there are thousands of American families who can’t afford cable/pay television, and they rely on PBS, especially for children’s programming. When Mitt attacks PBS, he’s affecting plenty of people in the 47% of Americans that he loathes.

Mostly, though, the Internet Meme is just pretty funny.

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