Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Don’t be fooled

The Obama-Biden Truth Team has produced two good videos pointing out how much Mitt Romney changes his positions to fool people into supporting him—or, to put it less nicely, how much Mitt lies.

The ad above, "Don’t Be Fooled”, compares and contrasts actual diametrically opposite statements that Mitt has made about his positions on various issues. Romney’s positions are completely different based, obviously, on the audience he’s giving them to. Mitt will say anything to get elected, and he expects voters to accept his lies as truth. But, as the woman says ad the end of the vide, “Don’t be fooled!”

The ad below is called “The Real Mitt Romney: Remember What He’s Said Before” and covers some of the same territory, but shows Mitt making his outrageous and contradictory statements. I think that this ad is more effective because it shows Mitt, his own words and makes the lies he tells obvious. Referring to the upcoming “townhall debate”, the video asks, “Will the real Mitt Romney show up? Or will it be the say-anything deal closer?” I’m betting on the second, because all he cares about is being elected, and no one can believe anything that man says.

The problem with these ads is that most people will never see them. Most people don’t read fact-checkers, either, so they don’t know when Mitt is lying about President Obama’s record, much less when Mitt lies about his own record. And this is why Mitt is still in this race and not irrelevant, as he should be.

Still, if by posting these videos social media users can help even a handful of people learn the truth about Mitt and his lies, then I’d say it’s worth it.

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