Saturday, September 22, 2012

Two good ads

Two online ads caught my eye as further examples of ways to use humour to make a point.

The ad above is from the Obama campaign and pokes fun at Mitt Romney’s habit of taking the president’s words out of context. Romney does this all the time, of course, which is odd considering how easy it is to debunk him. So, this ad shows what it would be like if the Obama campaign did to Romney what his campaign does to President Obama. I think it’s funny and effective.

The ad below—with NSFW language—is about the voter I.D. laws enacted by Republican state legislators to suppress Democratic votes. I think this ad is funny, too, though it’s obviously more strident than the Obama ad.

The core in both ads is humour, and humour takes many forms and comes in different strengths. I think that, too, is a good thing.

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