Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another anniversary

Today is the seventeenth anniversary of when I arrived in New Zealand as a tourist. It’s always been kind of lost among our special days, since we focused more on when I arrived in New Zealand to stay (November 2).

However, tonight we were talking about it with our niece and it dawned on me—and this should have been obvious—today is the anniversary of the first time Nigel and I saw each other in real life. He met me at Auckland Airport, then, in the carpark, we found his car had a flat tyre, and we needed to change it before we left. I knew and remembered all that, of course, but it somehow got lost over the years (not the least, as I’ve remarked before, because today is September 11 in the USA, a date with significance all its own).

So, today is a special day, even if we haven’t given it its due respect. It turned out to be an important day. So, I think I’ll end with something that I think sumes up what began today, 17 years ago, a sentiment I posted on Facebook:
“Never underestimate the power of love to make the improbable possible, or to transform the unlikely into an entirely new life.”
18 years ago, I could never have imagined I’d move to a country on the other side of the world to be with the man I love. Now, I can’t imagine life any other way. And it all began, really, 17 years ago today.

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Roger Owen Green said...

happy anniversary! your life is probably more interesting than you would have imagined.

Mike Asplet said...

Congrats mate. I hope your former country finds me just as amenable. In saying that though, New Zealand is a fine place to be, and I miss it terribly.

Arthur Schenck said...

Roger: Absolutely! Reinventing oneself is one thing, doing it another country is quite an adventure.

Mike: In my experience, Americans are suckers for accents, so if you haven't lost yours, they'll fawn all over you!