Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A very offensive thing

I have to say this: One thing that has offended me the most deeply about the Republican and christianist crusade against repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is the unmitigated arrogance, the disgusting temerity in the way they say that allowing gay and lesbian soldiers to serve openly will in some way weaken US military forces. That’s a lie, slander and smear.

Many countries around the world—including New Zealand—have fully integrated military forces, and our soldiers fight and die alongside Americans. So I say a shouted “fuck you” to Republicans and christianists who insinuate that the integrated fighting forces of America’s allies are inadequate.

But as a member of a military family, I am disgusted by Republicans and christianists suggesting that US soldiers are so weak and so fragile and delicate that they must be protected from doing their jobs. These Republican and christianist weirdoes are suggesting that US soldiers cannot do their sworn duty, they cannot live up to their honour, if gay and lesbian soldiers are allowed to serve openly.

So the Republicans and christianists crusading against DADT are not just wrong, they’re vile and disgusting—and offensive, too.

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