Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Sunny Spring start

Anyone who knows me also knows how much I loathe winter. Mostly, I hate being cold—and I really hate being really cold.

So today always cheers me because September 1 is regarded the first day of Spring—and, before anyone corrects me, I’m well aware that the Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere is at 3:09pm on Thursday, September 23 New Zealand time (3:09am September 23 UTC).

There have been signs of spring for a couple weeks or so: Trees are blossoming, the daytime temperature is rising and Bella is dropping some fur. But it’s also still been wintry-rainy and cold at night.

Today was a glorious sunny day, cold at first, but by the afternoon it was warm enough that I opened up the house to air it out, the first time in weeks (well, months) it’s been warm enough to do that.

So, it was a good start to Spring.

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