Friday, September 03, 2010

Takedown of NOM's Lies About Prop 8

A few days ago, I posted the video of Sean Chapin responding to the lying liars of the National Organization for Man-Lady Only Marriage (or whatever). He was responding as a native San Franciscan.

Here’s a video from Stop8.org that calls out the specific lies of NOM, an organisation that has never, as far as I can tell, ever told a single complete truth. It’s one thing to argue with opponents who operate in the reality-based world, and another thing entirely to deal with hate groups who traffic only in lies to further their extremist right wing agenda. This video helps to explode NOM’s lies and distortions. We need more truth-tellers in this world.

Tip o' the Hat to Joe.My.God.


Roger Owen Green said...

I'd only argue the items that he said were gone - like forced marriage - were actually gone in the United States, at least in some more virulent strains of the Mormons.

Arthur Schenck said...

Yeah, I agree. I was also thinking about forced marriage among some non-Western cultures as well as Mormons and some Jews. And in some non-Western cultures (like most of the Middle East and other areas) women are still treated as property. Those people move to the US (and other Western countries) and bring their cultures with them.

But I think his real point is that such things don't exist among Americans descended in America over generations and—apart from religious zealots like some Mormons—that's correct. As a mainstream concept, those things are alien in America (and other Western countries).