Thursday, June 05, 2008

McSame thing, different day

John McCain is upset. People keep saying he’s running for “a third Bush term”, that he represents nothing more than a continuation of the failed Bush-Cheney regime. He’s independent, he says, he’s a different kind of Republican, he says.

John McCain is many things, but independent or a different kind of Republican he’s definitely not.

Last year, McCain voted with George Bush 95% of the time. He wants to continue the Bush-Cheney Iraq War for maybe a hundred years. He champions making permanent the Bush-Cheney tax cuts for the rich. Like the Republican Party has for decades, he also opposes reform to make healthcare affordable and available to ordinary Americans. That’s not independence, and there’s nothing “different”.

McCain recently listed areas of supposed difference with the Bush-Cheney regime, but then neglected to mention how he failed to follow through—like on banning torture. So, he effectively backed the Bush-Cheney regime even when he was supposedly at odds with it.

Now he’ll try double-speak and deception in the campaign. He claims he’s a reformer and wants to clean up politics. Does that mean that he’ll denounce all the 527 groups that will try and smear Barack Obama and the Democrats? Does that mean he will order them to stop their propaganda campaigns of lies and distortions? Don’t bet on it. When McCain encourages 527 smear campaigns, tacitly or openly, he’ll be seen as a hypocrite on that issue.

McCain’s record indicates he’s a hypocrite on plenty of issues. His record also shows that in every way that matters, he really is running for a third Bush term, and he really is John McSame.

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