Sunday, March 23, 2008

Three bunnies plus two

Ever since we adopted Jake, he had a lavender soft toy bunny. The original version is at left in the photo above. Over the months, he slowly worked on chewing it up. The carrot went first, then he chewed an arm open, and the stuffing went everywhere.

By this time, the rabbit was filthy and I needed to wash it, so I bought two bunnies identical to his original one in case his toy didn’t survive the wash.

But the rabbit survived and afterward I re-stuffed the empty arm and stitched it up (as Jake watched me), then I gave the rabbit back him. Within an hour, he’d chewed the arm open again, and the stuffing was out. I gave up on repairs.

A few weeks later, Jake chewed open the bum and the stuffing oozed out, and we realised it was time for old bunny to retire. What’s left of it is at the right hand side of the photo above. The funeral will be private.

It was a couple days before we gave Jake his next bunny and when we did he was very, very happy. Who’d have thought he’d miss his bunny?

The middle bunny is his current one and the photo shows the state it’s in, with a badly frayed paw and damaged carrot leaf. More damage to follow. At least we have the next replacement ready to go.

Jake’s bunnies have nothing to do with Easter, so this is where the “plus two” bunnies come in: Nigel and I each have a Lindt chocolate Easter bunny. They both have a neck ribbon with a jungle bell. Nigel’s bunny is white chocolate and mine is dark chocolate and both are intact for now. But photos of Jake and his bunnies are far more interesting than product shots, so instead of a photo of the Easter candy I’m including one I took today of Jake and his current bunny.

All of which goes to show that not everything with me is serious all the time.


d said...

Adorable! And dark chocolate Lindt - YUM!!

Roger Owen Green said...


Arthur Schenck said...

Lindt chockies are yummy. Oh, and no bunnies were harmed in meeting the USRDA for chocolate, nor the amusement of certain wonderful puppies.