Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Starry Not

Today's main event was a trip to the Waitomo Glow Worm Caves. Caves are interesting in themselves, I suppose, but the point of this one is a boat ride through caverns in which glow worms are up on the ceiling. It looked like a star-filled night sky, but with far more stars than are in the sky (I'm talking only appearance here, not actual numbers, of course). The light they gave off in the dark cavern was enough to view people sitting nearby in the boat.

It’s a short trip, and there are other more adventurous ones in the area, but this is well worth the stop.

Another major destination was
Hamilton, on the way back to Auckland. We went first to the Waikato Museum, but many galleries were closed (exhibitions just ended), along with the nearby Art Post. From there we went on to the Hamilton Gardens, which I’d driven past many times without stopping. The gardens were much more accessible than the Wellington Botanic Gardens and so in many ways were actually better (I don’t mean to pick on Wellington, but it seems I like similar attractions in other places better).

Time is winding down for my friend's visit, so soon it’ll be back to normal blogging for me—whatever that means.

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