Monday, October 02, 2006

Rain, Rain, Rain

It's been bucketing down the past couple days, with heavy downpours, flash flooding, landslips and even a mini-tornado. It's been Spring showers on steroids.

October is the equivalent, more or less, of the Northern Hemisphere's April, so some showers to bring spring flowers are in order. But this is ridiculous. Fortunately, the weather in October is generally pretty settled, so it may yet clear up in time for my American friend
Jason's arrival Friday morning.

The NZ dollar has been falling against the US dollar recently, and that's certainly good news for
Jason and other tourists (and exporters, too), but it's not so good for those of us who buy imported goods which is, of course, pretty much everyone.

So we have falling rain and a falling dollar, but rising spirits because Spring's arrived, and my friend's about to. A little sunshine would be nice, though.

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