Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Safe indeed

If I’d made a list ranking the importance of all the parts I planned for my personal organisation system, there would’ve be one that would’ve been at the top of my list. It’s turned out to be the second most-used section, and, coincidentally, it’s the second section in the One Ring-Binder to Rule them All: “Somewhere Safe” has lived up to my expectations.

My organisation system wasn’t even off the ground when I ran into a problem with the ring-binder itself, something I talked about at the time. Once I was past that hurdle, though, the first two sections of the ring-binder functioned as I expected them to.

The reason this particular section was so important is that, as I put it in that follow-up post on the ring-binder problem, “it’s about clearing out mental clutter so I can have a shot at focusing better.” I clearly had no hope of remembering where I was putting things, but once I started using the “Somewhere Safe” section, I at least no longer had to try to remember where things were: Some “mental clutter” was removed.

As I was preparing this post, I leafed through the “Somewhere Safe” section and noticed I wrote down where I put the plug-in device that acts as an RCD (“RCD: stands for “Residual Current Device”, though sometimes called a “Residual Current Disrupter”; in the USA it’s more commonly known as a GFI—Ground Fault Interruptor).

Such devices, or breakers in a circuit panel, are used to precent electrocution, particularly in wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens (in New Zealand they’re mandatory in wet areas). A portable device like I have is typically used, for example, when using a plug-in power tool outside, or when using a power tool (like a water blaster) that will be around water. By plugging the device into an ordinary wall power jackpoint, and the power tool into the RCD device, the user has good protection against electrocution. This device matters because I need to waterblast the patio, along with working on other outdoor projects that may require corded power tools. A few days ago, I was thinking about those outside projects and I wondered where the RCD device was. Thanks to my “Somewhere Safe” listing, I can find it when I need it, whether I remember where I put it or (more likely) don’t.

I can only wish that I’d started something like this when I first moved in, because there’s still a lot of stuff that I found then, and sometimes again one or more times later, but couldn’t find when I needed them. I suppose the bright side is that such serial misplacing of things is far less likely now. Also, I have less to stuff to try to remember now, and fews reasons to get frustrated when I inevitably forget.

So, yeah: “Somewhere Safe” has definitely lived up to my expectations.

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