Saturday, September 30, 2023

Average September

September’s last day, huh? Huh! This year has been flying by! Sure, each day has gone by at the same pace as every other day, but, so much faster than usual! All of which is a joking way to point out that this has been an ordinary month—well, kind of.

This is my 30th post for the month of September 2023—the first time this year I achieved my old one-post-per-day average. Actually, do you know the last time I achieved the average? It was September 2021. I also did that in September and December of 2020. In 2019, the year I started missing the annual average—and for obvious reasons—I only achieved the monthly goal in April and June. I didn’t achieve it at all last year; 2022 was obviously a bad year for me.

The average itself doesn’t matter, but what it shows about my level of productivity this month does: September’s totals show what can happen when I work a plan. This month, I had several posts I planned to create, so I went ahead and did them, sometimes more than one per day, sometimes posting them to a queue to post automatically, Roger Green style. All of which meant that using my old monthly average as a rough guide meant it didn’t matter if I missed days in the month—because I’ve always missed days in a month, even when I routinely achieved those averages.

Long term, this current approach may well mean that I’ll eventually again routinely achieve the one-per-day average, but it won’t be because it’s a goal, it’ll be because this month really has shown what can happen when I plan my work and work the plan. Next month, I want to do more of that, and to do it better. I’m really interested to see what happens.

And on this last day of September, I managed to finish an entire post without once mentioning the weather. There's tomorrow, after all.


Roger Owen Green said...

Roger Green style. Is that anything like Gangnam Style?

Arthur Schenck said...

“Op, op, op, op, oppa Roger Green Style”. It’s got a good beat. You can dance to it. I’d give it an 8.