Friday, January 22, 2021

One year in Hamilton

One year ago today, I moved into my house in Hamilton. I’ve done a lot over the year since, both in general (including that total Covid lockdown) and to the house, but most (probably) of those boxes in the garage that I mentioned in the Facebook Memory at left are still largely untouched. The truth is, I simply don’t care about that.

When I began this journey four months before move-in day, I came up with a slogan of sorts, “maybe tomorrow”, to help me cope when I just couldn’t do something or other. That evolved into a new slogan, “what I can, when I can”, and I still live that 16 months after Nigel died. There’s absolutely no project, no box waiting to be emptied, that’s more important than figuring out how to be a “me” after 24 years of being half of a “we”. I’m absolutely nowhere near close to accomplishing that.

So, this day a year ago is notable as a major change in my journey, a rounding of a bend, but then as now the finish line is nowhere in sight. I have so much farther to go, and it’s still a case of “what I can, when I can”, and will be for quite awhile to come. But, you never know: Maybe tomorrow I’ll catch a glimpse of that finish line, and the “me” I will become. Maybe tomorrow.


Arthur Schenck said...

It really annoys me that the photo has that tag by my ear (they were on nearly all the boxes and furniture—until they ran out…). If only I'd looked at the photo before posting it. Sigh.

Roger Owen Green said...

You hate the tag because you're NOT FOR SALE!