Friday, June 21, 2019

When the war is over

Sometime in the future, perhaps decades from now, the United States’ war with Iran will have ended. Tens of millions will be dead. The world economy will have been destroyed and hundreds of millions of people throughout the developed world will be plunged into abject poverty, the sort that once was seen only in countries they called “the Third World”. Millions of refugees from the war and economic collapse will be moving across borders seeking refuge, food, and water. Most will find none of that. Parts of the planet may even have been rendered permanently uninhabitable. And all of this will be because of the stupidity of one man exploited by the religious lust of other powerful men.

Naturally, that’s not how this story needs to play out, but it’s clearly the direction the USA is moving.

It’s clear that the current occupant of the White House is utterly clueless about how foreign policy actually works. To him, it’s all an ego-driven game in which he must “win” and others must “lose”. It’s what his whole life, personal and professional, has been built on, something his parents clearly taught him.

So, the current occupant of the White House will bumble into war with Iran merely because doing so will flatter his planet-sized ego. He doesn’t care who dies, or how many, as long as he gets to feel like he “won”.

The far-right extremist “Christian” nationalists in his regime are playing on his vanity—and stupidity—to get him to do their bidding. This is precisely why they all overlook his adultery, cheating, lying, and other “sins”: Doing so gets them what they want, namely, the end of the world.

When I talked about their utterly insane “vessel theory” back in March, I talked mostly about domestic policy, but also foreign policy, noting:
“…the radical “Christian” extremists think that the current occupant will “save” the Jews (Israel) from Persia (Iran) by solving a problem the current occupant himself created in the first place. Their Lord (temporal and spiritual alike) moves in mysterious ways, indeed.”
Israel matters a LOT to these radical extremists because they see it as key to bringing about the end of the world. What they hope to do is trigger their mythological battle of Armageddon, which is supposed to be the final war between “good” and “evil”, and when it’s over, Republican Jesus will rule over the world. Details on all that do vary a bit.

The place is located in modern day Israel, which is part of their fanatical devotion to the country, and also because they believe that if they can provoke a massive attack on Israel, it will lead to their fantasy of a “final war”. So, those radical “Christians” live to see others die—and they intend to bring it about, and as many deaths as possible, as quickly as possible.

Another layer to this is that a shrine claimed to be the tomb of Esther is in Hamadān, Iran. This no doubt helps fuel their obsession with Iran.

So, we have a stupid and vain man who can be manipulated into starting a war with Iran by Dominionists hell-bent, so to speak, on destroying the world by causing a war against Iran. Behind the scenes, the PR puffery, the lies, and even his Twitter tantrums are all happening because he’s being played like a cheap violin by those radical “Christians”, and, of course, he doesn’t even know it.

It seems inevitable now that the current regime will either attack Iran or manipulate them into attacking someone in “the West” so that the regime can use it as a pretext for all out war. The radical “Christians” have been spending their lives waiting for that and working toward it.

Even if the current occupant of the White House was capable of understanding how he’s being played, he couldn’t do anything about it: He needs the support of far-right “evangelicals” in order to have any hope of winning the 2020 election. If he turns on them, or if he deliberately turns away from the war those extremists so desperately want, they could well abandon him. That much he does understand, as shown by his constant pandering to them. His ego cannot allow him to create the possibility of electoral defeat, so he will do whatever the radical “Christians” want him to do. His ego must be served.

This can all be avoided if good people do something. Right now, they need to contact their members of Congress to make it clear and unambiguous that they oppose any war with Iran. Most members of Congress are cowards, particularly when an election is looming, and they will even oppose the current regime IF the pressure to oppose its war against Iran is strong enough.

That could delay their war long enough to have the chance to throw them all out in the 2020 elections, but doing so will take an utterly massive voter turnout, bigger than anything the USA has ever seen, if there’s any hope of getting rid of this gang and their religiously inspired war lust. Anything less than a massive turnout, and the regime could win the election, or they could simply refuse to leave and overthrow the republic—AND start their war.

Sometime in the future, perhaps decades from now, people in the United States will look back in anger at one stupid man’s ability to bumble into war with Iran, enabled and manipulated by those with fanatical lust for religious supremacy. Will that be before all the other dire consequences, or after?

The choice is ours.

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