Friday, May 24, 2019

That impeachment thing

Is impeachment of the current occupant of the White House a good idea, a terrible idea, or is that beside the point because it’s a duty under the Constitution, even if it’s a terrible idea? Do calculations about the 2020 presidential election matter in this? If so, does it matter that there’s no Democratic nominee yet? Is Pelosi a master strategist or an overly cautious obstacle?

I don’t know the answers to those questions, nor what I think about impeachment, but this much I do know: Continuing talk about impeachment and the revelations in the Mueller Report are driving the current occupant of the White House’s current temper tantrums. Each one reminds Americans of how emotionally unstable and narcissistic that man is as he shows his true nature—a petty, vain, vindictive bully. Democrats (and one House Republican…) were always going to talk about what’s REALLY in the Mueller Report, and not the self-interested political spin coming from the current regime. Talk of impeachment isn’t new, either, though a Republican joining the call is new.

If the current regime continues to engage in its cover-up, and if they continue to engage in obstructing Congress, then impeachment is probably inevitable. This is a political process that is playing out, as the comment by Dan Rather was suggesting in his commentary, but we’ve seen this before: It’s worth remembering that Article 3 of the Nixon Articles of Impeachment was about obstruction of Congress.

Two things could yet prevent that from happening. Though the current occupant can’t understand it, Pelosi is actually protecting him (for now) from impeachment. It doesn’t matter that she may be doing so as an election strategy, if she actually is, the effect is the same. Also, if courts continue to rule against the current regime and Congress actually gets the information and documents to which they are legally and constitutionally entitled, that could turn down the heat under the impeachment pot. But if the current occupant continues to act like a spoiled child, the he could well find himself facing impeachment. What happens then is anyone’s guess.

Here’s Dan Rather’s commentary today on Facebook:

This post was originally published on the AmeriNZ Facebook page when I shared Rather's commentary there. This version adds a relevant link and some minor edits.

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