Saturday, September 01, 2018

Welcome, Spring!

Today is the first day of Spring, and this makes me far happier than it probably should, but I love warm weather, and hate winter, so it figures. While Auckland winters are much milder than what I grew up with in Illinois, I don’t live there, I live here: What matters is what we face here, and I don’t like it. Give me summer!

It was foggy this morning, the third day in a row. And, of course, we had a lot rain this month, along with some fairly cold mornings the past few weeks. All of which happens in Auckland in winter, but all of it has stayed around longer than is polite.

Despite all the rain, cold, fog and other winter weather we’ve had, the month of August was productive for me: It was my most-blogged month of the year, stealing the crown from last month. Last month, I had a surplus of 8 posts above my goal of an average of one post per day. In August, I published 45 posts, which is a surplus of 14 posts more than the monthly goal. That means that over the past two months I’ve made up for three weeks of posts that I never did.

I’ve also now more than passed the halfway point of posts for the year, however, the midpoint of the year was July 2. That means I hit the midpoint in the number of blogs posts the end of August, not the beginning of July. Despite the progress of the past couple months, I’m still well behind the average. As of yesterday, I was 54 posts behind where I needed to be to meet my annual goal of an average of one post per day.

At the moment, including this post, I need 175 posts to make the annual average. That works out to about 1.45 posts per day, which is—theoretically—achievable.

As it happens, I’m not the only one who pays attention to that trivia on this blog: Roger Green does, too. Obviously, none of this matters, and the goal should be about quality, not quantity. But as any regular blogger knows, odds are good that no matter what, some posts will always be better than other ones. Publishing a lot of posts increases the odds that at least a few of them will be pretty decent. Besides, there’s so much these days that we’re powerless to control, and perhaps to influence. This is one little thing I can control, so I’m grabbing with both hands. Well, four fingers and two thumbs, which is what I usually use when typing.

That wasn’t the end to the productive month. I pretty much did all I can do to reorganise the garage without Nigel’s help (a few things are too bulky or heavy to move by myself). So, that project is now all but finished (finally). The battle now moves to the rumpus room and my office, where a lot of the stuff formerly in the garage now lives.

But, hey: Today was only the first day of September, and of Spring. Things have clearly been looking up over the past couple months, and I think this month will be productive, too. I'm glad about that, no matter what actually happens.


rogerogreen said...

Quality, schmality! We wants more stuff!

Arthur Schenck (AmeriNZ) said...

And I can deliver stuff—wait, that's a euphemism, right?