Thursday, September 13, 2018

AmeriNZ Blog is twelve

Today is the twelfth anniversary of the AmeriNZ Blog: I published my first post, “I live in a land downunder. No, the other one…” on September 13, 2006 at 10:53pm NZST. This blog and I are are both still here to tell the tales.

Last year, I looked at where I was in my annual blogging goal of an average of one post per day, and at this point last year, it wasn’t great. I had a shortfall of 64 posts from where I should have been if I was on track. That meant needed an average of 1.59 posts per day to meet my goal. That never happened, because I was right: It WAS a tall order.

This year is better. Including this post, the shortfall is 55, and the daily average required is 1.5 posts per day. That’s a somewhat shorter order than last year.

I’m in this position because of two very good months: July exceeded that month’s goal by 8 posts, and August exceeded it by 14 posts. This month is, at the moment, right on target, but there’s no reason to think that this month won’t exceed targets, too.

The reason this is all possible is because I’m finally off of beta blockers, which both zapped my energy and clouded my mind. So far the new drug regime has left me tired, but things are nevertheless better than at this point last year.

Of course, the real story here isn't my blogging output compared to last year or any other, because whether or not I make my blogging goal doesn’t matter. What does matter is the fact that I feel better than last year. That’s the reason why my blogging output is going as well as it is this year, which is a benefit of feeling better and clearer. I don’t care all that much whether I make my blogging goal or not, but I do care that I’m feeling well enough that it’s a possibility.

Something I said last year is still true: “And that’s actually the story of this entire blog over the past 11 years: I haven’t given up.” Another year later, and I still haven’t given up.

That’s the real story of this blog.

Thanks for joining me on the journey so far.

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For anyone who doesn’t know already, this 2015 AmeriNZ Video explains the origins of the name “AmeriNZ”:

The photo up top is a portion of my Macbook Pro keyboard, which is what I now use to write most of my blogs posts. It seemed fitting, somehow.


Arthur Schenck (AmeriNZ) said...

Oh! You have a blog? I must check that out sometime.

rogerogreen said...

You may be unfamiliar with MY blog, but I've been at it for 13 years, 4 months, and some days