Monday, July 03, 2017

Sunny is nine

Today is Sunny's ninth birthday. Already! The years sure fly by quickly! The photo above shows how Sunny spent most of her day—well, it's actually how she spends most of her days, but still: This was a birthday nap.

The photo up top and below were taken within minutes of each other. I decided I'd better take advantage of her having been sleeping so I could take the photos, especially since in previous years she hasn't been very cooperative. This year, she let me take the photos.

This year, Sunny is more, um, fluffy than usual. She and Jake were due for haircuts about the time of our move, but with everything we needed to do right then, we just didn't have the time. Then, very quickly, it became autumn, and that meant it was too close to winter for their fur to grow enough to help keep them warm. Now we—and quite possibly them—are looking forward to Spring so they can have a proper haircut.

Shorn or shaggy, Sunny is always one of the happiest dogs I've ever known. I often say of her, “Sunny by name, sunny by nature”, because it's so very much the truth about her. Even when she's sick, and even after the big problem I talked about last year, she bounces back quickly and carries on being, well, her sunny self. Which is not to say that Jake is dour or anything, it's just that she's so, well, sunny.

And so here we are again at another birthday for Sunny. It was a good day for us all.

Happy Birthday, Sunny!

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