Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Midweek Diversion: Moby drives Don’s mob round the bend

The video above was released by electronic music artist Moby toward the end of June. I meant to share it at the time, got busy, and forgot. Now, I’m busy with work, so it’s back. I like it, to be brutally honest, mainly because it drove Don’s frothing supporters mad—well, madder.

The video features the animation work of Steve Cutts, who also worked with Moby on the video from October 2016, “Are You Lost In the World Like Me?” (below). I never saw that video at the time.

Both videos are activist-oriented and critcise consumerism and meat-eating, among other things. I think the animations are well done, and I like the surreal nature of them—they remind me of animated films from the 1930s and 40s. On the other hand, good grief, these things are bleak! I more or less agree with the underlying messages, but I wouldn’t personally express it so negatively. But, I’m not an animator, musician, or even necessarily on the same page as Moby and Cutts, so that’s not really a surpise.

But none of that is what sent Don’s most fervent fans into a frothing fever. AlterNet provided a good summary of the things the rightwing hated so much, not the least was Don turning into a dollar sign turning into a swastika. They’re such delicate flowers, those fervent fans of Don.

At any rate, enjoy the video or don’t, but it seems to me that if Don's fervent fans get so upset about something so silly, they have bigger problems than being upset that they chose to watch a video with imagery of Don turning into a dollar sign turning into a swastika.

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Logan said...

Thanks for sharing this - I have loved Moby's work since discovering him on the sountrack to Cool World.