Friday, June 09, 2017

Winter kitty

Today I spotted Bella sleeping in a particularly unusual—and warm—spot (photo above). We’ve had a bit of a cold snap the past few days (it was 6 degrees, about 42.8F, at around 7 this morning), but I’ve found her at that spot on warmer days, too. She likes to be warm.

This isn’t yet the coldest part of winter—ordinarily that’d probably be next month—but over the past couple days we’ve had the coldest temperatures we’ve experienced this winter, so I certainly notice the coldness. Bella, however, always finds the warmest spots to sleep—maybe I should just follow her around.

We might still have a mild winter. That’s happened some years, others have been very cold. Regardless, I’m sure I’ll see Bella in this or similar spots again.

She’s a good—and warm—kitty.

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