Friday, June 30, 2017

Missing city

It’s been foggy on many recent mornings, and while that’s not necessarily unusual for winter in Auckland, it does seem to have been a bit more common this year than most. Still, the phenomenon can often be pretty localised, and it's possible we’re just in an area getting it more than others. Maybe we’re just lucky.

I posted the photo above to Instagram this morning, and the graininess was mainly because the camera had trouble focusing with so much mistiness around. The photo below is of basically the same area (I think…) as shown in the photo at the top of my post from last March—when it was much warmer, nicer, and not foggy in the morning.

When I got up this morning, it was around 6 (42.8F). By midday, it had only managed to climb to 11 (51.8F), and because it was still foggy, it felt much colder than it really was—probably due to all the foggy dampness, I suppose. But, that’s just winter, something that will be going on for another couple months—and July, which we’re about to start, is often the coldest and most wintry of the lot. Yippee.

Still, there’s something kind of magically mysterious about thick fog, the way it changes everything familiar into things that are not. The only similar thing I’ve experienced has been heavy snowfall on an otherwise bright day. I’d rather have fog than snow.

Like everything else, this fog, and winter, will pass. That’s good. It’s too hard to take decent photos on a foggy day.

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