Saturday, January 02, 2016

Halfway through again

Today we’re halfway through the New Year’s holiday weekend. January 2 is a Public Holiday, but because today is a weekend day, the Public Holiday will be observed on Monday. It’s always nice having two four-day weekends in a row.

We did nothing today, though I did have a nap, which, I guess, is something. The bad weather in the video that I made and shared yesterday continued today, though with some breaks in the rain. It didn’t really matter, since we didn’t go anywhere.

I also caught up on some washing today, which is always good.

Not so good, though, I’m now having trouble with my knee. I either whacked it (and don’t remember doing so), or maybe I landed heavily on my knee during The Great Affliction last week. Either way, it’s now very sore, though the joint isn’t hot and swollen like with a typical gout attack (which I’m prone to if I injure a joint in any way) so I’m not sure what’s going on.

Apart from that, a normal, quiet holiday day today in which I did very little, including, obviously, writing a proper blog post.

Being halfway through a holiday weekend leaves me feeling that I don’t really mind being a slacker today. There’ll be plenty of time for concern on some other day.


rogerogreen said...

MAYBE your knee is a sign of (ahem) aging? That's what I say about mine...

Arthur Schenck (AmeriNZ) said...

Oh, I have a great many things that are signs of ageing, but the knee (or any other joint) isn't one—at least, not yet. Close vision (reading) difficulty, dodgy memory, maybe even hearing, sure, but so far the joints are affected merely by gout. So far…