Saturday, June 27, 2015

Love Wins!

There is only one way to look at the US Supreme Court ruling establishing 50-state marriage equality: Love Wins. Love has trumped all the negativity of our adversaries, and proven that love always triumphs over hate. Always.

I well aware that there are plenty of far right folks who are apoplectic, sometimes hilariously so, like declaring they’ll move to Canada, which has had marriage equality for a decade and national healthcare for even longer. And I also know full well that many of those on the far right will remain dangerous adversaries for years to come, and some will be actual enemies. Racism still exists in the USA, and anti-gay bigotry won’t suddenly go away, either.

This is why it’s so important to note that, in fact, everyone won today, including our adversaries. The Supreme Court has be strengthening and expanding marriage for over a century now, and this ruling is just another in a long list. The Court didn’t change the definition of marriage, it affirmed that marriage must be available to all citizens. When the Constitution and fundamental liberty are upheld, ALL Americans win. Eventually most of today’s opponents of marriage equality will come to realise that, even if a few hard core opponents continue to rage from the forgotten backwaters of history as everyone else moves on.

There was a lot of celebration of the ruling today, including from many big companies, and many notable landmarks, most notably, the White House.

The graphic at the top of this post is the White House’s official Facebook profile photo. The White House YouTube Channel includes both President Obama’s remarks and a video with some of the plaintiffs and excerpts of the president’s remarks (both videos are below).

This has been a great day.

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