Tuesday, June 30, 2015


A very busy weekend left me with little time to comment on the US Supreme Court ruling establishing 50-state marriage equality. But, then, I’ve largely said what I wanted to in the years leading up to the ruling. Then today I found videos that kind of close things off for me.

The first video, up top, is latest in AFER’s Marriage News Watch series of videos with Matt Baume: “Defending our Marriage Victory Won't Be Easy”. In this video, Matt sums up what the ruling did, and what our adversaries are most likely to do next. Although he talks about some of the difficulties ahead, I nevertheless thought the video was quite positive.

The second video, also from Matt Baume on his own YouTube Channel, offers what we “need to know” about the ruling. Part of it was recorded before the ruling, and that part lays out why the ruling was inevitable, and how the Court has a long history of expanding marriage rights.

In the parts recorded later, Matt expands on some of the things he said in the AFER video above. Taken together, the two videos said much of what I would have said, if I’d had the time.

Finally, a celebratory video: In the video below, YouTuber Raymond Braun goes with fellow YouTubers The Rhodes Bros to the US Supreme Court to experience the moment the decision was announced. There, they also ran into other YouTubers (Links to the various YouTubers are in the video description on YouTube).

Braun also went to Ireland and to video their referendum, and in another video, he talked with Jim Obergefell, whose name will now for remembered, and probably misspelled, alongside that of the Lovings for helping expand marriage rights. Obergefell is in this video, too, and is part of the reason I chose it. Braun is another of the “young dudes” on YouTube that I was talking about last month).

So, there you have it: Most of what I’d probably have said all done for me. Right now, that’s a good thing, because it was a very busy weekend with my husband and his family. See? Marriage equality really is pretty ordinary.

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