Friday, January 02, 2015


As part of last year’s “Ask Arthur” series, Roger Green asked me about Facebook quizzes I take part in. Well, in the early hours of 2015 (NZ time), I saw several quizzes posted to Facebook. I answered several, but this one I thought was funny.

The actual quiz was, “What Is Your 2014 Anthem?” and mine was, "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift. Okay, then. At the end of the quiz, it said:
You know 2014 was a good year, especially since you gave the haters a lot to "hate-hate-hate-hate-hate"! Just play this song whenever the world tries to test you and you'll feel just fine! Don't worry though, jealousy is a form of flattery so take it as a compliment. Whether it's because of the relationships you hold in your life or your entry in or out of one, as long as you keep your emotions in check and keep following your heart happiness will always be right around the corner for you. That's something you can't shake!
Okay, seriously now, WTF? I'm not even sure what that poorly punctuated word salad means (not for the first time—most such quizzes end simlarly). Still, I do like to think that I give the haters a lot to "hate-hate-hate-hate-hate". That’d be nice.

But these quizzes are still silly.

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