Friday, January 30, 2015

Love Letters to Richard Dawkins

This video—language NSFW—shows Richard Dawkins reading some more hate mail. It’s hilarious for how pathetically stupid his haters are, but I noticed how prominent viciously anti-gay hate speech was.

Rightwingers hate atheists and gay people almost equally, depending on the day, and these simple, stupid people often declare that all gay people are atheists and vice versa. Of course we all know that truth and facts are meaningless to the rightwing, but you would think that they would focus their hatred and bigotry just a little bit—sorry, that requires intelligence, which the far right entirely lacks, but strategically, it would make sense not to SOUND so stupid.

The political divide in the USA—and I’d bet money that most of the hate messages came from the USA—is so deep and severe that I wonder if any dialogue is even possible any more. No, I don’t wonder—dialogue is clearly impossible.

When people feel free to say such hate-filled things, and when they think that using anti-gay hate speech is making a valid political point, it seems to suggest that the two “sides” in the body politic are utterly irreconcilable, and that doesn’t bode well for the future of democracy in the USA.

I wait for someone—anyone—to stake out a more cheerful and hopeful position. So far, I haven’t seen any. Actually, I could even say I dare them—because I really don’t think it’s possible.

Is America beyond all hope? Don’t just protest my cynicism, show me why it isn’t warranted.


rogerogreen said...

Sorry. Cynicism warranted.

rogerogreen said...

Random example #1: http://www.newsmax.com/US/Connecticut-mayor-al-sharpton-climate-change/2015/01/29/id/621590/