Thursday, July 03, 2014

Sunny’s six

It’s Sunny’s sixth birthday today! The time has sure flown.

Today Sunny got some extra cuddles and kisses and a lot of attention. She loves attention, and her frequently wagging tail lets us know that. She also got special dinner, too; although she enjoyed it, I’m sure she had no idea why she was getting it. She—and her tail—didn’t seem to care why.

Her dog brother Jake and cat sister Bella both were nice to her, too. Actually, they’re all nice to each other all the time, which is especially nice.

I was thinking today about all the positives furbabies give. People often say what good confidantes they are because they never betray secrets or interrupt you when you talk, and that’s true enough, but their inability to speak makes them a kind of imperfect confidantes, I think.

For me, it’s just their presence that’s enough, their undemanding love of their humans, their happiness at just being with their humans. I’ve always thought that’s not just calming, but also kind of centring in a way. I certainly have trouble dwelling on whatever concerns me the moment I watch them play, or maybe when I see them asleep and dreaming.

I don’t know anyone who’d be without their furbabies because of all those good things they bring to our lives.

So, happy sixth birthday, Sunny! We’re so glad you came to live with us some three and half years ago!

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rogerogreen said...

We are all imperfect confidantes, aren't we?

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Well, yes. I suppose our human problem is the exact opposite: We CAN talk and, too often, some people talk ABOUT the people who confided in them. At least dogs and cats can't do THAT!