Friday, March 21, 2014

Shorn again

Yesterday, I took the dogs for a grooming. For a change I didn’t wait a bit too long, so their cut isn’t severe. That’s really nice.

The photo above is the before, the photo below is the after. See? Not a whole lot of difference, which is as it should be—yay, me! I’m a good daddy!

Their appointment was at 9am yesterday, and I braved Auckland traffic to get them there (the alternative was tonight or the weekend, neither of which was workable). They told me it would be two hours—normally it’s four. I wasn’t quite sure what to do—I had plans all mapped out—so I flushed my plans and went to a local café for breakfast.

I arrived back a little before they were ready, but I didn't mind waiting. They looked great and were happy to see me in the “why the hell did you leave us here” kind of way. Like usual.

I’m glad I actually made it before their fur got matted—this time. With a little luck, I won’t need to take them again until spring, or just before. This is a good thing for all concerned.

The furbabies would agree.

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rogerogreen said...

That reminds me: I need a haircut.