Sunday, March 02, 2014

Just because

The photo above is of Sunny and Jake on a recent afternoon. They often sleep closely like this, and neither seems to mind it when they get the occasional tail slap across the face.

I should post more photos of all three of them, but I forget. Human time span is so much different than theirs, and sometimes I’m guilty of forgetting that. They deserve all the attention I can muster, even when I get busy with human stuff.

I was reminded of all that today when I found out that Jake’s blood brother, Doyle, lost his long health battle and quietly slipped away. It happened last July, but I only just found out because I’d gotten out of the habit of reading his blog with his family. First thing I did after I read the news was give Jake a cuddle, then Sunny and Bella when they joined us.

None of them had any idea what the attention was all about, of course, but they were glad to have it, as they always are. Truth is, I like giving them attention even more. Just because.

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