Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weekend Diversion: Chris Salvatore

Above is the new music video from Chris Salvatore, “What You Do To Me”. It’s essentially about the power of love in its many forms. I particularly like the twists at the end.

Since I like pop music so much, and given that I’ve liked other songs he’s done, it’s not surprising that I like this one, too. However, I do think that the over-dubbing is a bit over-done: I’d rather hear more of Chris and less manipulation of his voice. Still, I do like pop music, so, there you are.

Chris is among the few artists who I’ve posted several times. The first was his song “It Will Get Better” back in 2010, and then, the next year, his duet with Mister Chase, “Baby It’s Cold Outside”.

In a related note, I haven’t been very consistent with publishing “Weekend Diversion” posts, but I plan on more of them this year. In fact, I already have one for next week. More diverted weekends, in other words, are at hand.

My previous posts like this are labelled Weekend Diversion.

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