Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy NOW year

I haven’t blogged since last year! Yes, I’m that guy, the one who says just before New Year’s, “see you next year!” Sometimes I proudly raise naff-itude to whole new levels of naff-ness. And now I’ve just stated my entire blogging plan for the coming year—oops.

New Year’s Eve was quiet, since I was the only one awake. I had a bottle of sparkling pinot gris for the midnight toast, but I decided it would be better to open it beforehand so I could have a couple glasses before going to bed, especially since I wasn’t going to toast myself. It was nice, but I didn’t finish the bottle.

As has been the case for many years, there was nothing special on TV last night—all old-ish American movies and similar throwaway stuff. Which made me wonder: If they’re going to get low ratings, anyway, why not put on something live and local? Cost, of course. Old TV shows (in this case, 1980s/90s) and movies cost very little, whereas a live show would cost a lot more.

If New Zealand had a public broadcaster, maybe it could do something, since profit wouldn’t be its motivator. This year TV3 had a recorded countdown with some young TV hosts, but I switched to see what, if anything, TV One was doing (didn’t appear to be anything), and by the time I switched back, the countdown was over (there’s a delay of a few seconds when changing channels). When I got back, TV3 was showing a commercial for their programmes in 2014 (TV One was sort of doing something similar). So, I missed the countdown(s).

I’d pre-done my New Year’s Facebook status update on my iPad (which is hard to type on) and I then copied and pasted for my Tweet—but I made a typo and typed “It's now 2014 in Auckland - Happy now Year!” Happy now Year?! I was able to fix it on Facebook, but for Twitter I’d have to delete it and re-post a new Tweet—a bit too much work by that time of the night. So, I left it (and got a title for this blog post…). Instead, I wne to my desktop computer, said hello to the world, went to bed and woke up again this morning.

Today has been quiet and a bit rainy. It’s a public holiday in New Zealand, and so is tomorrow, January 2. That means shorter hours for shops, not that that fact matters all that much, really. A large number of people go back to work on Monday, so traffic headed back to Auckland will be heavy this weekend.

And that’s how I saw in the now year.

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rogerogreen said...

Happy now year to you! My blog went down on new year's eve, back now

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Thanks to times zones, I never knew your blog was

down. There ARE times that comes in handy!