Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Busy Days

This week, I’ve been very busy with re-organising and preparing for a family party November 2. That, and, you know, Spring.

We finally have some Spring weather to report: Fine weather, or mostly so, and barely a hint of rain. There haven’t been any hot days this October, as there are many other ones, but I can overlook that if it means we’re spared the cool, rainy days of many a November. We’ll see.

This past weekend, we got the gardens ready for our family party. My sister-in-law came round on Sunday and we got the front garden all tidy and presentable. In the afternoon, Nigel and I finished the other courtyard, normally the domain of the dogs and, in fine weather, drying laundry. Everything looks really good now—and another thing off my “to do” list.

Around all that, I’ve been concentrating on reorganising (which mainly means repacking) boxes to put into storage. Several trips later, I see the end in sight. Maybe I’m the only one who does at the moment.

The photo above is part of my other work in this period: Laundry and hanging washing out to dry. As it happens, our electricity bill was quit low last month; I’m helping to make next month’s low, too. Well, the sun is—I’m just helping.

And speaking of helping, the animals have been right in there. Bella took it upon herself to sit in an empty box to make sure no one made off with it. A photo of her in that box is below. I’m not exaggerating when I say she sat in just that way for well over an hour, and she’d have stayed there longer if she hadn’t thought I was about to feed her.

And that’s what I’ve been doing (short version) lately.

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