Friday, October 04, 2013

Bella’s birthday

We have no idea when our cat Bella’s birthday really is, but we decided to make today, October 4, the date. It turns out, I’ve never done a post for her birthday before.

The photos accompanying this post are both of her sleeping. Most of the other photos I’ve posted have been of her awake, so this is a bit of a change. Plus, the photos I posted of Jake and Sunny on their recent birthdays were of them sleeping, so fair is fair. Besides, all children are cute when they’re asleep, right?

Ah, children: Pet owners without human children often think of their pets as being their de facto children. Obviously we know they’re not literally our children, but that doesn’t change anything: We still love them and they us.

I hadn’t realised that I’d never done a post about Bella’s birthday until I searched the posts tagged “Bella”. Since Bella adopted us, we have no idea when her real birthday is. So, we gave her a date exactly six months from Jake’s. When Sunny came to live us, her birthday was smack in the middle between the birthdays of Jake and Bella. They’re meant to live with us, it would seem.

Still, when Bella came to live with us, she was a bit wild—prone to unprovoked use of her teeth and claws against unprotected human hands. These days, that’s pretty rare. Sunny can harass her to an extent that none of the rest of us would ever get away with (they both seem to enjoy their rough play). More often than not, however, these days Bella is just sweet and loveable.

I’m swamped with work and family commitments this week, and have no time for blogging. But since I’ve never marked Bella’s birthday before, I felt I needed to make time for her right now.

Happy Birthday, Bella!

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