Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I’d like to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family in the US. It was always one of my favourite holidays. Here in New Zealand, it’s mostly a curiosity: People are curious about the traditions and about the food, and ogten want to experience it.

I often make a smaller version of Thanksgiving Dinner, mostly because today is just another Friday in New Zealand (apart from this being the day before Election Day this year), and because it’s almost summer, so it tends to be warm (some years even hot), so a massive cook-a-thon is a bit much.

So, from this more or less ordinary Friday, I wish a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in my homeland!


amerinz's sis said...

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.

Marian Schembari said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I had my first Thanksgiving away from the States yesterday and as much as I miss my family today when I know they're doing our yearly traditions, it was nice to bring the experience to the few Kiwis I wrangled together yesterday :)

Arthur Schenck said...

Thanks! We had a a good, if scaled-back, Thanksgiving. More about that later!