Sunday, July 03, 2011

Sunny is three

Today is Sunny’s third birthday, but her first with us. She’s fully adjusted to her new home and family, so much so, that it seems as if she’s always been here. She and Jake play several times every day and often sleep right next to each other (especially because it’s winter).

Both dogs and Bella the cat love sleeping in laps, and there have been times when all three have been sleeping in my lap. That’s kind of inconvenient, but I don’t disturb them; they eventually move without encouragement (it’s probably only slightly less comfortable for them than for me).

I woke Sunny up from a nap to wish her a happy birthday, which is why she’s a bit camera-shy in the photo at the top right of this post. So, below is another photo of another interrupted nap, but that one—taken the day after they were clipped—shows a more alert Sunny (with Jake).

Happy Third Birthday, Sunny!


Alex said...

Awe! Too cute! Happy birthday Sunny!

amerinz's sis said...

Happy Birthday Sunny!! I hope you had a fun day!! You are adorable in your pictures your daddy showed us!!

Roger Owen Green said...

That song Sunny Came Home is running thru my head, altho I really don't know the lyrics.

Sunny came home to meet Bella and Jake
Nigel and Arthur were there too.
At first she didn't know what it'd take
To be in the family, but now she do.

(Or something like that)

Arthur Schenck said...

Thanks everyone! And Roger, I have NO idea what song you're talking about, but I'm sure Sunny would appreciate the thought.