Thursday, July 14, 2011

Labour: We must own our own future

In this video, the Labour Party’s David Cunliffe, who is the MP for New Lynn as well as the party’s Finance Spokesperson, explains the gist of the party’s new tax plans, unveiled today. It’s a good video—in fact, it’s probably the best they’re ever done.

In a statement, Labour Leader Phil Goff pointed out the difference between Labour’s policy and that of the National Party, which is currently leading government:
“Labour has a plan. National doesn’t. Its only idea is to sell our assets off to big corporates and foreign buyers. That is incredibly short-sighted and will see New Zealanders become tenants in their own land. For goodness sake, if you’re in a hole, why would you sell off the ladder?!”
That line about ladders is already a talking point—and a pretty good one. Goff also said:
“Labour’s plan charts a course for a stronger, more resilient economy and will allow us to keep our valuable assets for the benefit of future generations. We will make the hard decisions needed to secure a prosperous, long-term future for all New Zealanders.”
Overall, I think Labour is on to something here. Plenty of people do believe that National is drifting and has no plan—apart from helping their rich mates and getting the rest of us to pay for it. People also don’t want assets sold off. If Labour stays focused on this message, it could change the entire campaign, and National knows it; that’s why they’ve spent the last week trashing the very idea of a capital gains tax.

This election needs to be a debate on the future of New Zealand and whether we will, as Labour puts it, own our own future. Labour may have provided a base for the discussion to begin.


d said...

Yes. This is a great tax package, and Capital Gains Tax is sorely needed in this country! Only 3 years, and I'm ready for National to be out of office already!

Arthur Schenck said...

Yeah, I'm completely over National.