Thursday, April 28, 2011

Trump’s birth certificate

The man claiming sole and exclusive credit, as he would, for President Obama releasing a copy of his “long form” birth certificate, Donald tRump, has now answered critics by finally releasing his own, pictured at left (Source).

Even now, a sceptical world commented, "It is rather amazing that it all of a sudden materializes. A lot of people have to look at it, experts will look at it."

There’s exasperation among normal people that this whole ‘birther” bullshit is still going on. It’s nothing more than coded racism, a way for white Republicans, in particular, to question Obama’s legitimacy as president without actually admitting it’s because he’s, you know, black.

As for Donny, he’s only riding that racist horse for the attention it gets him—which is not to say he isn’t racist, because all indications are that he probably is. But if he got more attention saying that apple pie was part of a secret plot to turn America Presbyterian, you can bet he’d be riding that pie (so to speak).

The same is true for most of the Republican Party’s elected officials and would-be presidential candidates who are similarly using "birtherism" as a way to get attention with the Republican base. Most of them probably know it’s all nonsense, but as Karl Rove so ably demonstrated, the quickest way to win Republican votes is to pander.

This “birther” thing will not go away. Without a shadow of a doubt, they all will, as Donny did, question the document’s authenticity. There never was, and never will be, a way to end this because no matter what, when or how these documents were released, they can’t change one thing: President Obama is still black.

And one final comment on this—and I truly hope that’s really the case: What the “birther’s” veiled racism really does is call into question ALL official state documents from ALL states; following the “birther” argument to its logical [sic] conclusion, there’s no way we can be sure any state documents are legitimate. These people are stupid as well as racist.

If no state document can be trusted, what does that say about Republican politicians? What about the foreign-born (for real) John McCain (born in the then-US Territory of the Panama Canal Zone, but not in the US itself or any US state)? Should he have been barred from running for president?

Yep, “birthers” are stupid as well as racist.


Jason in DC said...

Since the birth certificate issue has blown up in his face, Trump now questions how Obama could have possibly gotten into any of the schools that he did. Once again implying Obama isn't one of "us." It's time for people to call this carnival barker exactly what he is a racist. It is also time to start writing to NBC to have his show canceled.

Roger Owen Green said...

How could he be racist? He told a local talk radio show that he has a "good relationship with the blacks." That PROVES he's not racist. Doesn't it? ;-)

Arthur Schenck said...

Jason: I completely agree. His whole ting is that no black person could possibly succeed in place of a white person.

Roger: That;s my favourite Trumpism. He also gets on with The Gays—apart from our funny golf putters, apparently. ;-)