Thursday, April 21, 2011

Make grandpa pay

I love political ads, especially when they’re done well. Serious or poking fun, hard-hitting or light-hearted, I love any ads that are effective in getting their message across (and, yes, I always like ads I agree with more than those I don’t).

The video above is from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and points to the fact that if Republicans in Congress are successful, seniors will have to find $12,500 to pay for their healthcare because Republicans plan to end Medicare. Standing against the Republican war on mainstream Americans is the Democratic Party, which is why this ad comes from them.

The Republican agenda is clearly to give the rich and corporate elites whatever they want, and make the poor and elderly pay for it. Actually, that’s not fair: Republicans want everyone to suffer so the rich and corporate elites can get more. The whole reason for ending Medicare is so Republicans can cut taxes for the rich even more.

If Republicans succeed, then this ad will seem quaint because seniors will be doing all the things pictured—and more—to try and pay for the healthcare Republicans took away. Personally, I don’t want to see grandpa working as a stripper.

But it is a cute ad.

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