Friday, January 21, 2011

P!nk – F**kin' Perfect

I ran across this video at Joe.My.God., and as this is the uncensored version the language is probably NSFW for some. Also, there are violent images and some of self-harm. All of which adds up to a good video of a good song.

I noticed awhile back that every few years, or maybe once a decade, a song comes along that reminds youths that they’re okay—despite what their peers say, despite what society says, they’re really okay and they just need to hang on and things will get better. Some examples: “You’re Only Human (Second Wind)” – Billy Joel (1985); “You Get What You Give” (aka, incorrectly, as “You’ve Got The Music In You”) – New Radicals (1998); “Beautiful” - Christina Aguilera (2002), and others.

To me, this song, from P!nk’s “Greatest Hits… So Far!!!” album, belongs in that company, even though it takes a somewhat different tack, is more rock than pop and uses language you’ll never hear on radio. I think it belongs because the core message is the same.

I’ve been a fan of P!nk for many, many years, but few of her songs bring tears to my eyes as this video did (admittedly, it was the music video medium in this case). But for me she’s a perfect blend of rock, pop and even dance. Add meaningful lyrics, as she so often does, and I’m there.

I’ve frequently promoted songs that try and get a positive message through to youth, especially when I actually like the song. In my opinion, this song is "Fucking Perfect". So much so, I bought the album.

Footnote: The title of this post is the title used on the YouTube video; I didn't and wouldn't censor it. I obviously have no problem with, or reluctance to use, the "F word" as some people like to call it.

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