Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A little time off

I’ve tried over the past couple days to write a follow-up to Monday’s post, but everything I started kind of devolved into either an angry rant, exasperated vent or massive, dense refutation. None of those worked (so, I got to add to my list of drafts…).

I was cheered today that the New York Times reported Democrats are preparing to ignore the Republicans and just go ahead with healthcare reform without them (since they’d never agree to anything, anyway). However, there’s conflicting opinion on whether the public option is or is not still part of the plan (it must be, I still say, for reform to mean anything).

So I’m just backing off the whole subject of healthcare reform for awhile until things are a little clearer. The whole thing is too confusing and keeping up with it requires that I pay attention to what the right wing is saying, and, quite frankly, I’m sick of getting mad at what I see or read. So, a little time off is in order.

The same doesn’t hold for other subjects, of course.


Roger Owen Green said...

If Howard Dean is right, and I hope he is, the Dems are using a rope-a-dope strategy that will end up with the public option.

Nik said...

Good on you, I have to admit I can't follow it anymore either. When lunatics with rifles and Hitler as Obama signs get all the press, it's mighty hard to have any kind of serious discussion. I too hope it backfires, but I dunno...

Arthur Schenck said...

I have to admit, I had a little slip yesterday: I watched a YouTube clip, the end of which I'd seen on Fixed News the day it aired. Yep, I yelled at the screen.

If public healthcare isn't part of the package, what's the point? Which is why I'm taking time off—I can't deal with Republican lies anymore.