Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Assault rifle a publicity stunt

The guy carrying an assault rifle among “protestors” outside President Obama’s town hall meeting in Arizona, and the man who interviewed him, planned the whole thing with police. In other words, it was a stunt.

To me, the fact that this was a planned stunt doesn’t make them any less crazy. the guy behind it all has some truly nutty beliefs—a nut is a nut, I suppose. But what, exactly, did he accomplish with his stunt—beyond giving even crazier, actually violent people the idea that carrying weapons to a place where the president will be is a good idea?


Roger Owen Green said...

The “point” is intimidation; the”point” is to say, “I DARE you to challenge my Second Amendment rights”. The “point” is to capitulate to such blather until somebody takes a shot at the President and/or his supporters.

Arthur Schenck said...

I guess the "point" is at the end of a gun…